Big occasions need something...
Something to make
the people say

Everyone wants something different, something WOW
Something to leave the people with open mouths
Something people will talk about, to make them say 'oooohh'
The Tree of Temptation is like nothing before - proudly presented by​ 'a la Moo'


The tree of tempation is designed for BIG events such as weddings, christenings or parties that require the wow factor!  Or for people who just really like trees and cake.

The tree ultimately consists of hanging cupcakes and sweety treats!​​

Here's the stuff you need to know...:

​​* The tree will be coordinated to your event - i.e. theme and colour scheme​​
* Cupcakes ​are designed to your specification - i.e. colours, flavours & decoration
* Pouches and small buckets are hung filled with sweet treats of your choosing
* Anything (with a reasonable weight) can be hung - i,e. why not hang your guests' named
​  wedding favours on the tree and let them hunt for their own​​...!?
* The tree can feed as many guests as you need to cater for - additional cupcakes are
  ​displayed around the base of the tree​

The price of the Tree of Temptation varies depending on your needs! Please email us today for a free quote - you know you want to!